School bus driver shot in I-35W road rage incident has permanent injuries

Thomas Benson is still recovering from the February incident.

The school bus driver shot in a road rage incident at the I-35W/I-94 split in February has suffered permanent, life-altering injuries.

The lawyer for Thomas Benson has issued an update on the school bus driver's condition six months after he was struck multiple times by bullets fired by 31-year-old Kenneth Lilly.

Lilly pleaded guilty to 1st-degree assault on Monday and could be sentenced to between 3-8 years in prison at a later hearing.

Benson is still recovering from the injuries he suffered in snowy conditions on Feb. 5, when his bus scraped Lilly's car, prompting Lilly to get out, try to get on the bus, before going back to his car and getting a gun, opening fire.

There was a child on the bus at the time, who was uninjured, but Benson was grazed in the head, and shot in the left hand and arm.

"Mr. Benson is now deaf in his left ear as the result of a bullet wound," his attorney, James Sheehy, said in a statement Monday.

"Mr. Benson was also shot in his left hand and arm. He sustained nerve injuries to his hand and arm. Consequently, his left hand is numb most of the day and he cannot grip properly with it. He also has scars from the bullet wounds."

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Benson had only started working as a school bus driver four months prior, but is unable to work as a bus driver again due to the injury to his hand.

"The entire incident and the injuries have had a very significant and detrimental impact on Mr. Benson’s life," Sheehy added.

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