Car, two school buses struck by bullets in Delano

It happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
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Two school buses parked at a depot in Delano were struck by bullets directed at another driver.

The Wright County Sheriff's Office says a male driver was shot at near the Stahlke Bus Service depot at 5280 County Line Rd. in Delano, at 2:25 a.m. Tuesday.

The driver suffering a laceration to the face from flying glass after bullets hit his car, which came after he was followed by a sedan with one working headlight out of a nearby gas station.

The driver turned into the Stahlke depot, which is when it was shot at.

Bullets struck two parked buses, one inside and one outside the depot, with the rear window smashed in one of them.

Nobody was in either of the buses at the time.


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Police later found bullet holes in the driver's vehicle vehicle, as well as shattered glass and four bullet casings in the road.

A bullet also struck the garage door at the bus depot and another bus parked outside of it, smashing its rear window.

The driver told police he had been followed by a silver sedan-style car as he left the Delano East Holiday gas station.

Police say that they believed it's an isolated incident and don't think there's a public safety risk.

The Stahlke Bus Service has been providing transportation for Delano school students since 1948, the Delano Herald Journal reports.

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