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School bus shooting suspect shot and killed teen robber in 2015

More details about the 31-year-old's past are coming to the surface.
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The shooting of a school bus driver last week in Minneapolis was evidently not the first time the suspect has been involved in such an incident.

Kenneth Lilly, 31, who's been criminally charged over the Tuesday shooting, fatally shot a teenage robber in 2015, reports say.

According to the Star Tribune, Lilly was found "legally justified" in killing 16-year-old Lavauntai Broadbent, who "brandished a handgun" at Lilly and a second person in a St. Paul park on the day of the incident. 

Lilly had a permit to carry the gun he was carrying at the time, the paper says.

As he did after last week's school bus shooting, Lilly called police, FOX 9 says, and even attempted to perform CPR on Broadbent.

In a statement shared by the station, Lilly's attorneys said their client "takes no joy in those events and has struggled with the inevitable emotional turmoil that follows being forced to act in such a way."

Now, he's facing second-degree attempted murder and second-degree assault charges over the Tuesday shooting, with the bus driver having suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Fortunately, the bullets missed the young girl who was aboard the bus at the time. 

“The actions of Mr. Lilly were outrageous and it was sheer luck that neither the bus driver nor the little girl were killed,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. “Minneapolis police are continuing their investigation and if we can add aggravating circumstances for a longer sentence, should we prove him guilty, we will do so."

The incident began when the bus scraped Lilly's car while merging in snowy conditions on I-35W near Chicago Ave.

Video from traffic cameras shows Lilly stop his vehicle in traffic, get out of his car and then walk towards the bus.

Lilly tried to get on the bus but was denied because there was a child on board. He then walked to the front of the bus, pulled out a 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol from his security guard uniform's holster and fired five shots through the windshield, according to the charges. 

Lilly was charged on Friday. 

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