School staffer charged over sexual contact she had with student in 2013

The then 36 year old was caught in a car with a teenage student.
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A former Anoka-Hennepin schools employee is facing charges over sexual contact she had with a student five years ago.

Nancy Lynn Macken, 42, of Brooklyn Park, was charged earlier this year with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct after police re-opened the case at the request of the alleged victim's parents.

A former para-educator at Anoka High School, Macken is accused of having intercourse with a then-17-year-old boy in January 2013.

When initially interviewed, both Macken and the boy told police they had just kissed, and no other sexual contact happened.

The case was initially declined by the Anoka County Attorney's Office and was due to be expunged this past January, but the teen's parents contacted the attorney's office asking for it to be re-evaluated.

When he was interviewed for a second time, the alleged victim said he was embarrassed when he initially spoke with police, and didn't want his name to be in the news.

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He then said that he and Macken had intercourse in a car at a park, after she had made the offer of sex at school.

Police officers found them shortly after the intercourse, with an officer noting that the pair appeared "disheveled" and were "adjusting their clothing" when they approached the car.

The victim said he had not originally been truthful about what they had done because he wanted to protect Macken.

KSTP reports that the Anoka-Hennepin School District said Macken resigned on Jan. 30, 2013. 

She will now make her next court appearance on Dec. 14.

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