Scott County library closed by water damage from apartment above

The county library in Jordan is shuttered while the mess is cleaned up.
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Scott county library

One of Scott County's libraries has had to close while contractors clean up water damage sustained from an apartment above.

The residents of Jordan have been informed that the local county library, at 275 Creek Lane South, will be closed until further notice.

It comes after an apartment unit above the library suffered a "water issue," prompting parts of the ceiling in the library to fall to the ground.

The Scott County library in Jordan is found in the Brentwood Court apartment complex, a community for those aged 55+.

"We apologize for the inconvenience as we assess the situation," a spokeswoman for Scott County said, noting that it is working with local partners on the cleanup.

Scott County operates seven public libraries throughout the county, as well as a law library in Shakopee.


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