Search for Jayme Closs centers on 13-mile stretch west of Barron

The sheriff's office asked for 100 volunteers.
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A group of 100 volunteers joined law enforcement in Barron County, Wisconsin, to search a 13-mile stretch of land near the home of missing 13-year-old Jayme Closs.

Barron County Sheriff's Chris Fitzgerald issued a call for 100 volunteers on Thursday morning, with the focus on land to the west of the Closses home at 1268 Highway 8.

The search area is just under 13 miles long, stretching west of Barron to Turtle Lake, suggesting that police believe this is the direction that Closs may have been taken after her parents were killed at their home.

This however has not been confirmed by the sheriff's office.

Volunteers were asked to scour roadsides looking for anything of "evidentiary value."

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FOX 9's Paul Blume reports that the stretch of land is now being considered a crime scene, adding that the search was expected to take 3 hours.

Closs has been missing since the early hours of Monday morning, after her parents had been shot dead at their home. Police have not given any indication as to where she is, other than to say she is in danger.

The call for volunteers was met with a huge response, with one of those who turned up saying at least 200 were there, although police only wanted 100 and turned others away once that limit had been reached.

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