Sen. Amy Klobuchar fails to crack top 4 in Nevada caucuses

Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders won the contest by a wide margin.

Despite having picked up momentum from her strong third-place showing in the New Hampshire primary, Sen. Amy Klobuchar had a tough night in Nevada. 

That state's Democratic caucuses have been called for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who appears to have secured a crushing victory over every other candidate on Saturday. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden came in a distant second, while Klobuchar has come in sixth (behind billionaire Tom Steyer), according to the latest data from the Associated Press. 

Despite this setback, Klobuchar told a crowd at a Minneapolis rally the same night that “we have exceeded expectations" in Nevada:

Meanwhile on Saturday, she picked up two key newspaper endorsements, with the San Francisco Chronicle and the Seattle Times recommending her for the Democratic nomination:

But the size of the Nevada loss turns up the pressure on the senator to consider some tough decisions. 

On CNN, former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang — now a commentator on the network — advised some of the candidates to "pull an Andrew Yang"; in other words, consider dropping out of the race.

The next contest in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is the South Carolina primary, happening Saturday, Feb. 29. 

After that is Super Tuesday, March 3, when over a dozen states have their say on the nominee — including Klobuchar's home state of Minnesota, where she's currently leading Sanders in the polls. 

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