Serial con man captured women's hearts across the country, then stole their money

The Twin Cities man will spend the next 24 years in prison for his scheme.
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Derek Alldred

He presented himself as a Navy pilot, a Department of Defense analyst, and a college professor, but in reality he was a con man from Minnesota.

Derek Alldred, 47, left a string of broken hearts and emptied bank accounts across the country, starting two dozen relationships with women from whom he stole more than $250,000 in total.

He was caught after his latest scam in Texas, to which he pleaded guilty in December and on Wednesday was sentenced to serve 24 years in prison for mail fraud and aggravated identity fraud.

As the East Texas U.S. Attorney's Office reports, he came to the attention of authorities after starting a relationship with a woman he met online in The Colony, Texas, in April 2017. The Colony is a city suburb of Dallas.

He told her his name was Richard Tailor, and that he was a Navy pilot, DOD worker and a professor at Southern Methodist University.

During their relationship, he used her credit card to order various items that were delivered to her home, and also used it to make various charges around town.

When she became suspicious, the woman discovered his real name and found he'd charged more than $12,000 to her card.

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He was two-timing her

When police investigated, they discovered that Alldred was in a relationship with another woman, this one in Dallas.

He would tell one he had to go out of town to work as a pilot, and then have the other pick him up at the airport.

Police found he had also stolen money from this second woman, and were then able to establish a trail of cons he'd committed all over the country.

They found at least 25 victims located in California, Nevada, Hawaii and his native Minnesota. As part of his sentence, he's been ordered to repay $254,892 in restitution.

He has a history of creating identities to hoodwink victims, and has attracted headlines in Minnesota for his criminal exploits.

In Minnesota his targets included a Brooklyn Park woman, who said Alldred posed as a lawyer, opened a credit card in her name and racked up $15,000 in charges, as KARE 11 reported.

Elsewhere, Alldred had been convicted of stealing from a woman in Arizona, but skipped town before he could be sentenced.

"This defendant left a trail of tears, emotional devastation, and financial ruin behind him,” said Eastern Texas U.S. Attorney Joseph D. Brown.

"It is clear that he will never change, and we expect his sentence to reflect that. We are glad we were able to get some level of justice for these women.”

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