Sex industry insulted by Minnesota bakery's twerking turkey cake

Nadia Cakes owner Abby Jimenez didn't mean to offend the adult industry.
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No, your eyes aren't fooling you. That's an entirely edible cake designed to look like a turkey wearing a G-string and covered in cash, AKA the "Twerkey." 

It's the brainchild of a mad scientist/baker from Nadia Cakes, the popular cupcake shop that has just three stores nationwide, one in Palmdale, California and two in Minnesota – Woodbury and Maple Grove. 

Just last year Nadia Cakes made national headlines when a cake designed to look like a sparkling geode reminded most people of a vagina. It took on a life of its own and is now known as the "Vageode." 

Nadia Cakes owner Abby Jimenez is no stranger to pushing the boundaries with her company's designs, but now she's been forced to deal with backlash from her twerking turkey cake that's coming from the adult entertainment industry. 

"First I'd like to say, publicly, that it was NEVER our intention to insult anyone working in the adult industry," she wrote in a Facebook post.  

"I realize that they're at high risk for assault and that they might view this cake as us making a joke out of a dead stripper. This was obviously not our intention and I don't think most people took it that way.

"It was just a fun play on the twerking turkey video that's been going around and it wasn't meant to dehumanize or normalize violence against anyone in the adult industry. The fact that some women in the industry felt this way honestly makes me feel terrible. Be safe out there, ladies."

Jimenez said one of her bakers came up with the idea after seeing a twerking turkey video that went viral in 2016, which just so happened to be the creation of St. Paul artist Joel Erkkinen. 

Jimenez said her Twitter inbox is filled with direct messages from angry porn stars, along with some kind messages from porn stars who found the humor in the twerkey. 

The twerkeys quickly sold out, and at $100 each Jimenez told the Star Tribune that they made plans to sell a "festive" twerkey for Christmas that came with a customizable "tramp stamp," although she's moved on from that idea after backlash the Thanksgiving twerkey created.  

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