Shed torched by lightning during snowstorm in Minnesota

Thursday was one of the wildest weather days imaginable.
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Mother Nature busted out a Swiss Army knife and showed off her talents on Thursday, bringing heavy snow, sleet, rain, thundersnow, thundersleet, lightning, 50 mph winds, blizzard conditions and dust from Texas that was sucked into the massive winter storm and dropped in Minnesota. 

Incredible stuff, but it's going to be hard to top the lightning strike that set a shed ablaze in Isanti County during the snowstorm. 

"So, it’s a blizzard out there and out of nowhere, BOOM! Lightning strikes, starting a shed on fire," said the Isanti County Sheriff's Office in a tweet. "Yep, it really happened...At 4:30 PM, we and the Isanti Fire District responded to this unique call."

The photo at the top of the story is what's left of the shed, and below is a closer look at the scar the lightning bolt left on the tree. We have no idea how the bolt hit the tree and started a shed that far away on fire. Maybe there were multiple bolts? 

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