Sheriff investigating 'booby traps' hidden in rural Minnesota field

Heavy duty chains were found wrapped around corn stalks.
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Head about 90 miles west of Minneapolis and farmers in the area are on high alert after heavy duty chains were found wrapped around a corn stalks in a field. 

Mindy Hirshman Johnson posted a photo of the "booby trap" to Facebook, and it's since garnered the attention of local authorities, including the Meeker County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating it as a criminal damage to property case. 

A chain was picked up by a combine in the field near Cedar Mills – about 10 miles west of Hutchinson – near the intersection of 130th Street and 610th Avenue. 

The farmer, John Johnson, said the chain caused minor damage to the combine. More alarming is that there were multiple chains wrapped around corn stalks in the field, according to the sheriff's release. 

"We are seeking the public's help with this and caution area farmers to keep a watch for similar incidents," Cruze added. 

The message was received loud and clear further west, with Lac Qui Parle County Emergency Management warning farmers on Facebook

"Some fields near Cosmos, MN (10 mi. W of Hutchinson) have had metal, chains, and other debris found as 'booby traps' to damage harvesting equipment. Apparently there is speculation it was done by a group/people against GMOs, but that is only speculation," the post said. 

"Something to watch out for if you have not finished harvesting yet. Hopefully this is an isolated incident far enough away from our area."

The incident west of Hutchinson is the only one of its kind reported to authorities so far. 

Anyone with information can call the Meeker County Sheriff's Office at 320-693-5400, or call an anonymous tip line at 320-693-5411. 

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