Sheriff: Man 'finished off' deer with baseball bat, illegally transported it north of Twin Cities

The police should be called to humanely euthanize animals struck by drivers.
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The Anoka County Sheriff's Department is investigating after a man called police and admitted to killing a deer with a baseball bat after first striking it with his car. 

The vehicle-deer collision happened Sunday morning near the Anoka County-Chisago County line, with the motorist, a 57-year-old Forest Lake man, used a baseball bat to kill the injured deer. 

"Finishing off a deer you hit with your vehicle with a baseball bat, illegally putting it into your truck without a tag, then transporting said deer across county lines to try and get a deer tag isn't the greatest idea," wrote the Chisago County Sheriff's Office in a tweet

Wyoming Police Chief Paul Hoppe told the Star Tribune that any time a deer is injured in a collision with a vehicle, the motorist should call police and have them humanely euthanize the animal.

According to the DNR, a "salvageable" animal fatally struck by a vehicle can be provided to the driver at no charge, but local road authorities should always be involved in that process before a driver takes the animal. Learn more about Minnesota's motor vehicle-killed wildlife rules here

The man in this incident has not been charged with any crimes. 

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