Sheriff: Numerous bear sightings in Ramsey County

Ramsey County has had quite a few bear sightings of late.
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Folks in the northern metro are no stranger to reports of bear sightings, but the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office has issued an alert after receiving numerous reports of late.

"The bear has been reported in Vadnais Heights, North Oaks, White Bear Township, and Polar Park coming out of Tamarack Nature Center," the sheriff's release says. 

The most recent bear sighting was in Vadnais Heights at 6:41 a.m. Monday near Greenhaven Drive and Centerville Road. 

The sightings in Vadnais Heights, White Bear Township and Polar Park come on the heels of a viral video out of North Oaks, where a black bear wandered through a yard and was caught on video by a doorbell camera. 

In the video, a man inside the home sees the bear and shouts "holy (expletive)!" He then shouts at children from a house next door to get inside as they wandered dangerously close to bear. 

A black bear was also spotted in Circle Pines (Anoka County) a couple of weeks ago. 

The sheriff's office advises anyone who sees a bear to stay away from it and call 911. The release also offers tips during a bear encounter. 

  • Pick up small children and pets. 
  • Face the bear directly and try to appear as large as possible. 
  • Spread or wave your arms and wave a sweater or coat. 
  • Slowly back away and to the side. Bears consider sideways movement non-threatening. 
  • Talk to the bear with a calm voice. 
  • Once in a safe spot, call 911 and report the direction the bear is going. 

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