Sheriff: Owner returns home to find young horse shot dead

The horse was found frozen and dead from a gunshot wound.
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An investigation is underway in northern Minnesota after a property owner returned home Nov. 13 to find his horse shot dead. 

According to the Wadena County Sheriff's Office, a smaller Colt horse – a male horse under the age of 4 – was found in its stable on the 32000 block of 209th Ave. near Nimrod. 

A deputy that responded to the stable on the west side of the barn found the young horse "lying on its side with a visible bullet hole to its abdomen area," a news release said. 

The owner said the horse had been checked on three days prior, but returned home to find the animal "frozen and lying on the ground with a bullet hole." 

It's unclear if the horse was killed by a hunter in the area, but the deputy searched for nearby hunters and tried making contact with neighbors. 

No arrests have been made and there are no suspects. 

Anyone with information that could help solve the case is asked to call the Wadena County Sheriff's Office at 218-631-7600. 

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