Sheriff's office releases insane video of whiteout conditions in west-central Minnesota

If you thought driving in the Twin Cities was bad this week, check this out.
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Want to know how bad travel conditions got in west-central Minnesota during a blizzard earlier this week?

Check out this unbelievable dash-cam footage the Stevens County Sheriff's Office released.

It's a view from a squad car attempting to hook onto deputy's vehicle that got stuck in a huge drift in the middle of the road while responding to a stranded motorist call on Thursday, Feb. 7.  

"As you can see, it was horrible outside!" the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "Deputy Brett Collins got stuck in a 7-foot snowdrift! Another deputy had to respond to assist Collins, and then there were TWO stuck squad cars! 

"Scary and life-threatening! Fortunately, this situation ended without anyone getting hurt."

It got so bad in parts of Minnesota that no travel advisories covered nearly half of the state, and in Renville County, which is nearly 100 miles south of Stevens County, the National Guard was activated and asked to employ its tracked vehicle to reach stranded drivers. 

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