Smaller demonstrations outside homes of Derek Chauvin, Hennepin County Attorney

There was some property damage at Chauvin's house, but demonstrations were otherwise peaceful.
Derek Chauvin

As conflict between demonstrators and police escalated across south Minneapolis, protesters peacefully rallied at the home of Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman and an Oakdale home believed to belong to Derek Chauvin Wednesday evening. 

Around 50 demonstrators gathered outside Freeman's house, calling for him to charge Chauvin, who video showed knelt on George Floyd's neck prior to his death with murder, the Star Tribune reported, along with three other officers who were at the scene.

Freeman has not yet made a charging decision, with authorities saying on Thursday that a major reason for this is that an autopsy had not yet been completed on Floyd, which would determine a cause of death.

Around 100 gathered in Oakdale, and were later met by a response of dozens of riot gear-clad officers from various jurisdictions, who stood sentry outside of Chauvin's home.

The Star Tribune reports that 30 of the officers were from thej Washington County Mobile Field Force.

Earlier, one demonstrator opened cans of red paint onto the driveway, while another wrote "Killer" in red on the garage door.

Chalk messages read "A murderer lives here" and "He said he couldn't breathe."

It's believed that Chauvin and his family are being held in protective custody.

Police blocked off the nearby main thoroughfare, Helmo Avenue North, around 6:45 p.m.

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