Snowy February sees state troopers, snow plows involved in dozens of crashes

There have been more than 50 crashes involving state troopers or snow plows this month.
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It's been a dangerous month on the roads not just for typical motorists, but also for those responsible for clearing and policing Minnesota's highways.

Check out below for some of the images taken this month by the Minnesota State Patrol and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, whose troopers and drivers, respectively, have been on the receiving end of dozens of crashes

MnDOT says that with ice and snow making conditions at times unbearable on state roads, its snow plows have been involved in more than 40 collisions.

A recent example of this happened on Hwy. 60 west of Windom on Sunday, when a plow was pushing snow in the left lane when the black semi truck above tried to pass on the left and struck the plow's wing.

MnDOT has more than 800 snow plows at its disposal, and hundreds of them can be out on state roads at any given time depending on the severity of the snow.

Drivers, it warns, should always stay at least 10 car lengths back from the plows, giving them the time and room they need to work.

There will be more plows in and around the Twin Cities on Tuesday night as well, with Minneapolis and St. Paul among many cities that have declared snow emergencies.

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The Minnesota State Patrol says it's also been a bad month for its troopers.

In less than two weeks, State Patrol squad cars have been involved in 10 collisions with motorists passing stationary squad cars, of which five involved injuries. 

"Move over when you see flashing lights. If you can’t move over, slow down!" the State Patrol said.

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