Some surprising revelations from the release of Jayme Closs files

Authorities dropped records from the case on Friday.
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We're now learning much more about the kidnapping of Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs, thanks to newly released files from the shocking case.

On Friday, the Wisconsin Department of Justice made public a mountain of records, including documents, interviews and video evidence related to the crime.

The release comes more than a year after Jake Patterson, 21, broke into the Closs home in Barron, Wisconsin, shooting James, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, dead with a shotgun, before kidnapping their daughter Jayme and holding her captive in his home in Gordon.

Nearly three months later, she mounted a daring escape while Patterson was away from his house, and was soon able to find help. 

The newly published files contain a number of revelations, including the fact that Patterson told authorities he had been planning on kidnapping a girl for years.

Additionally, they show Patterson allowed Closs to write a letter to her aunt, and though he said he planned to send it, that never happened; it was found in his possession when he was arrested.

But perhaps most surprising is the dash cam video that corroborates a particularly chilling story that Patterson told investigators after his arrest. 

The video show that, as Barron County deputies rushed to the Closs home to respond to the 911 call her mother made before her murder, they passed a red Ford Taurus leaving the area.

That Taurus belonged to Patterson, with Jayme in the trunk and able to hear the sirens of the squad cars. 

As the Washington Post noted, he was just 20 seconds from the house when the deputies passed him. 

Following Jayme's eventual escape, Patterson was arrested and subsequently convicted of both first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree kidnapping. 

He is now serving two consecutive life sentences in prison.

As for Jayme and her recovery from the horrific events, she released a statement to ABC in October, saying she feels "strong every day."

"I really want to thank everyone for all the kindness and concern that people all over the country have shown me," she told the TV network.

Closs is now living with her aunt and godmother, Jennifer Smith, who in a statement to ABC via the family's attorney said Jayme "continues to work very hard on her emotional well-being."

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