Someone dumped a semi-load of trash by the side of the road near Sleepy Eye

Police are on the lookout for the culprit.
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Debris dumped

Police in Brown County are looking for the person responsible for dumping the above pile of trash by the side of a county road.

Deputies found tires, siding, doors, lighting fixture, concrete slabs, tarp, a small wagon, pallets and metal on County Road 30, just west of the Hwy. 4 intersection on Thursday morning.

The Brown County Highway Department had to be called to remove the debris, which was located 7 miles north of Sleepy Eye.

Deputies estimate that there is about a semi-load of materials, which is believed to have been left illegally by a semi pulling a side dump trailer.

They believe some of the materials may have come from a hog barn that had been torn down.

Anyone with information should call the Brown County Sheriff's Office at 507-233-6700.

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