Someone spray-painted Swastikas on several mailboxes in Kenyon, Minnesota

Police say they want to find the artist.
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Police in Kenyon, Minnesota are investigating after Swastikas were spray-painted on the sides of a group of mailboxes in the city.

Kenyon Police Department said it came across the graffiti on Tuesday in the 100 block of 5th Street in the Goodhue County city, about 55 miles south of the metro area.

The Nazi symbols were cleaned up by the city's public works department, and police say they now want to speak to the "artist."

"I believe we are all much better than this," local police chief Lee Sjolander wrote on Facebook.

Anyone with information should call 651-385-3155 and ask for the officer on duty.

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Although more recent figures aren't available, 2016 statistics showed that reported hate crimes rose for the second year running in Minnesota, according to the FBI.

Minnesota reported 119 hate crimes that year, up from 109 the year before, however only 10 percent of law enforcement departments reported statistics, so the number is almost certainly much higher.

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