Someone's been shooting a BB gun around Moorhead

Police are asking the public for help finding the vandals.
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Authorities in Moorhead, Minnesota, are looking for suspects in a series of vandalism incidents involving what appears to be an air rifle.

The police department has received a number of recent reports of damage to bus shelters around the south side of the city, according to a Friday news release.

"The damage is consistent with someone using a BB gun and shooting out the glass windows of the shelters," the release says.

The vandalism has resulted in "several thousands of dollars of damage," though no injuries have been reported.

Police believe the apparent shootings happened during the late evening hours of October 16 into early October 17.

The department wants anyone with information on the vandalism spree to call Red River Dispatch Center at 701-451-7660 and ask to speak with the on-duty Moorhead police supervisor. 

BB gun laws in Minnesota

While BB guns are legal in Minnesota, it is illegal under state law to carry them in public places without good reason.

The language of state gun legislation includes BB guns under "rifles and shotguns" with regard to carrying firearms in public.

With a number of exceptions – including having a permit to carry, or simply transporting the gun lawfully from one place to another – doing so results in a gross misdemeanor. 

However, in 2016, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled a BB gun is not, by definition, a "firearm."

This decision overturned the conviction of David Haywood, who was busted for firearms possession when police pulled him over in 2013 and found him with an air pistol, supposedly in violation of his status as a convicted felon, the Pioneer Press reported

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