Speeding crackdown starts today after deadliest year since 2008

The Minnesota DPS says driving 'fast and furious is changing lives forever.'
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Speeding caused more fatalities on Minnesota roads last year than any in the past decade.

That's according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, which has announced a crackdown on speeding will run starting Tuesday through July 21, with over 300 law enforcement agencies across the state taking part.

Last year, 113 people died on Minnesota roads in speed-related crashes, the first time the number has exceeded 100 since 2008, when 125 died in speed-related deaths.

However, there were 455 total fatalities in 2008 compared to 380 in 2018, meaning that a greater proportion of total deaths were caused by speeding last year than a decade ago.

"The sunny skies and dry roads are a welcome sight after months of dreary weather in Minnesota. But there’s no summer vacation when it comes to safe driving behaviors behind the wheel,” said Mike Hanson, director of the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety. 

"Going the speed limit and slowing down in construction zones are critical to us all coming home to our loved ones at the end of the day.”

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The extra enforcement comes during Minnesota's "100 deadliest days" on state roads, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when most fatal road incidents occur.

The DPS notes that speeding will carry fines of at least $110 plus court fees for those traveling 10mph over the limit, double for 20 mph over the limit, while you could lose your license for 6 months or more if you go over 100 mph.

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