Speeding driver was using phone, had open can of White Claw and weed in car

Losing count of all the violations.
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A motorist in Dakota County has a claim to the title of "most flagrant traffic law breaker" in Minnesota.

The driver was called out in a post by the Dakota County Sheriff's Office, whose unmarked squad car clocked them going 71 mph in a 55 mph zone in Vermillion Township.

Not only that, the driver also had a cellphone to their ear – which as of Aug. 1 is now a traffic offense in Minnesota.

Want more? Ok, when police got to the car they could smell marijuana and, low and behold, could see a bag of weed inside.

And another? Oh yeah, the driver was also in possession of an open can of White Claw (no word on what flavor).

"C'mon people really?" the sheriff's office said, understandably.

The driver was given multiple citations, including for violating Minnesota's hands-free law and drug possession.

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