Spikes found sticking out of the ground at Minneapolis dog park

There haven't been any reports of injuries.
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After multiple people found sharp spikes embedded in the ground at a Minneapolis dog park, the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board (MPRB) is warning dog owners to keep an eye out for sharp objects on the ground. 

In an email, the MPRB acknowledged being alerted to photos on social media that showed "sharp spikes" embedded in the ground at Minnehaha Dog Park. 

"While MPRB staff did not find any spikes this morning at the dog park and no known reports were made to the MPRB, Park Police, Minneapolis Police, or Animal Care and Control, we urge dog park users to contact the MPRB if they see anything at the dog par," the board said in the email. 

The board says it takes the "safety of our park visitors, and their pets, seriously" and that any "suspicious or dangerous activities" should be reported. 

According to Fox 9, a woman found the spikes – one with a sharp metal tip – on Tuesday, with a friend sharing them to a Facebook group on Wednesday. 

A commenter in the group said he found one of the spikes, saying "it was sticking out of the ground with the wooden end all the way in the ground, spike up." He said it was about 30 feet to the right of the park's gate. 

No injuries have been reported as of Thursday afternoon. 

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