St. Cloud man charged with attempted arson after throwing Molotov cocktail

Deantae Demond Davis has been arrested in relation to other cries including robbery and burglary.
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A St. Cloud man has been charged with attempted arson after allegedly throwing a molotov cocktail at a building last month.

The incident took place on June 16 at the Community Outpost in St. Cloud, which is home to various community activities and programs, according to the criminal complaint.

It occurred during two nights of unrest that followed an incident in which a police officer was shot in the hand, though social media rumors erroneously suggested police had shot a teenager.

Investigators learned a Molotov cocktail had been thrown at the outpost, though it bounced off a car and did not result in arson.

Deantae Demond Davis, 22, has been charged with first-degree attempted arson in relation to the incident. Investigators determined it was Davis shown in surveillance footage.

According to the criminal complaint. Davis’s brother also stated Davis had practiced making a molotov cocktail at home and had admitted to throwing it at the outpost.

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Davis was arrested on June 28 for unrelated crimes, including aggravated robbery and first-degree burglary, after police served a warrant. Davis has since also been charged in relation to that incident. 

According to the St. Cloud Police Department, Davis forced his way into a St. Cloud apartment along with another suspect on June 20. Davis alleged hit a 51-year old over the head with a handgun and stole money from the individual while inside the apartment.

Davis and the other suspect then fled the scene. 

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