St. Cloud police arrest man they suspect is the naked burglar

Two women woke to a naked man in their bedrooms last month.
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St. Cloud police have arrested a man they believe broke into two homes and appeared naked next to two women as they slept.

Police say a 39-year-old man was arrested for a parole violation on Oct. 30, the day after the second report of a woman waking up to a naked intruder by her bed.

But as KNSI reports, the man was also a person of interest in the naked burglaries, because he had similar past convictions, he matched the description of the suspect, and lived close to where both crimes happened.

Evidence found at the crime scene also links him to the break-ins.

The incident on Oct. 29 saw a woman wake to find a man naked from the waist down by her bed. He grabbed her by the ankles, but fled the scene when she screamed and pushed him away.

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It follows a similar incident 10 days earlier on the same block, when a woman reported a strange man was in her room, completely naked and touching himself.

He is being held in jail in Hennepin County, which is where the parole violation occurred, pending charges from the Stearns County Attorney's Office.

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