St. Cloud police say Walgreens abduction Facebook post is a hoax

Police say a Facebook post about the attempted abduction was shared by dozens.
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There was no attempted abduction at a Walgreens in St. Cloud, police have said as they seek to debunk a post doing the rounds on Facebook.

The city's police department says it was contacted by several media outlets and concerned citizens after a Facebook post said a man tried to abduct a woman from the Walgreens on 25th Avenue on Friday night.

The post said the supposed victim felt she was being followed by a man while in the store, and he then tried to bundle her into her car after she left.

After speaking with the author of the Facebook post and the alleged victim, investigators determined that the abduction attempt never happened.

This was further supported by video from the Walgreens that showed that the alleged victim did go to Walgreens that night but had no encounters with any other people.

Hoax attempted abduction

By the time that police had determined the alleged incident didn't happen, the post had already been shared "by several organizations and individuals," which they said "falsely spread fear, anxiety, and incredibly false narrative."

All of this, police said, stemmed from "second hand, unconfirmed information posted by an individual on Facebook that is now in the social media machine promoting a false narrative to hundreds, if not thousands of people."

Before re-posting information about possible crimes, police said social media users should first check with law enforcement or legitimate media sources as to their accuracy.

There has been an attempted abduction genuinely reported in Minnesota in recent days, with Faribault police saying from Texas fought off an abduction at a rest stop in Blue Earth.

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