St. Cloud State volleyball team attempting to get out of Hurricane Lane's path in Hawaii

Hurricane Lane is pounding the Hawaiian islands.
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St. Cloud State's volleyball team is hunkering down in Hawaii as Hurricane Lane spins towards them. 

The university tweeted Wednesday that necessary precautions are being taken by the volleyball team to move to a safe location. They're in Hawaii on the Big Island for a tournament hosted by the University of Hawaii at Hilo. 

Hilo is located on the northeast side of the Big Island but is still being hammered by torrential rain from the outer bands of the Category 4 hurricane. According to The Weather Channel, Hilo had received nearly 10 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. 

The center of the powerful hurricane was approximately 230 miles south-southwest of the Big Island on Thursday morning, and where it goes next will prove critical.

It does, however, appear that the Big Island won't take a direct hit, whereas a direct hit to other Hawaiian islands is still possible. 

Hawaii rarely gets hit by hurricanes. According to The Weather Channel, there is no record of a hurricane track within 65 nautical miles of either Maui or Honolulu since statehood. 

The Huskies were supposed to begin play in the Hawaii Hilo Tournament on Thursday, but their match has been cancelled. It's unclear if they'll be able to play in matches scheduled for Friday and Saturday. 

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