'St. Cloud, we have a problem': NYT article causing huge local fallout

The Times' piece lifted the lid on an anti-refugee movement in St. Cloud.
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It's not often a local newspaper writes a scathing op-ed about its own community, but thanks to a New York Times (NYT) story published this week, that's exactly what's happening in St. Cloud.

That, and much more.

The NYT piece in question, "'These people aren't coming from Norway': Refugees in a Minnesota city face a backlash," delves into St. Cloud's active anti-immigrant movement.

It was released on Thursday. 

Since then, the woman who uttered the above quote, Kim Crockett, has been put on unpaid leave at her job, a conservative think tank called Center for the American Experiment — which condemned her statement.

She serves the organization as a vice president.

The original quote read (referring to refugees settling in St. Cloud): "These aren’t people coming from Norway, let’s put it that way. These people are very visible."

Meanwhile, on Friday, the St. Cloud Times editorial board released an opinion piece blasting local citizens for their racism:

"Our real problem is that there are too many cowards in our midst. Yes, we said it: Cowards."

The paper goes onto argue that this "cowardly" behavior will destroy St. Cloud's already dismal reputation, which is ultimately bad for the city, its economy, and its people.

"St. Cloud, we have a problem, the Times writes. "And it's costing us dearly in respect, dignity and treasure."



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