St. Paul janitor left lewd notes, underwear in elementary student's desk

The janitor was targeting a 10-year-old girl.
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Oscar Herrera

A janitor at a St. Paul elementary school has admitted guilt in Ramsey County District Court to a felony charge of stalking a minor with sexual or aggressive intent. 

Oscar Herrera, 23, of Maplewood, was employed as a custodian at Wellstone Elementary School in St. Paul, where he was accused of leaving sexual and lewd notes in a 10-year-old female student's desk. 

According to a criminal complaint, the 10-year-old girl informed her teacher that she found a note in her desk on April 11 that said "I want ur undies Ill pay u." The teacher took a picture of the note and then threw it away. 

About a week later, on April 17, the same girl told her teacher that she found a pair of girl's underwear in her desk, and with it was a note that read "try them on." The teacher again took a picture and threw the note away. 

School officials looked through the student's desk and found a piece of paper that they believed the notes had been torn from. They also reviewed surveillance footage and noticed that Herrera had gone into the girl's classroom without cleaning supplies and came out of the room empty-handed. 

Another note was left in the girl's desk on May 23, this one reading "$5 for your undies." 

While the first two notes were destroyed, school staff kept the third, allowing St. Paul police to ask school staff for voluntary fingerprints. Five staff members agreed to give fingerprints but Herrera did not consent and asked to speak to his supervisor. 

Investigators superseded his denial by getting a search warrant to collect fingerprints, DNA and a handwriting sample. 

A handwriting expert wasn't able to confirm the notes were written by Herrera, but his fingerprints were found on the "$5 for your undies" note as well as the piece of paper found inside the student's desk. 

In exchange for pleading guilty the court will dismiss a second stalking count against Herrera, the Pioneer Press reports. 

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