St. Paul man is so sick of potholes he's filling them in himself

He could face a fine for doing so.
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A St. Paul man exasperated with the wait for potholes on his block to be filled in has taken matters into his own hands – by fixing them himself.

Alexander Susuki shared photos of some of the potholes afflicting his block on his Facebook page, some of which he says are 7 inches deep.

"It's gotten kind of dangerous, cars are driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the potholes and we have increased traffic from the new stadium," he wrote.

The City of St. Paul, he says, was notified "months ago about the potholes and hasn't done anything," to which end he decided to fix them himself.

Starting with a 50-pound bag of "DOT approved" patch asphalt, he started on his repairs, and is seeking crowdfunding to repair the entire 84 (!) potholes he has counted on his block.

He expects filling them all would cost around $500, though ultimately he hopes the city will reimburse the cost.

But he shouldn't be so sure of that. 

While Susuki told KSTP that he just likes to "pay it forward," the TV station notes that filling in potholes yourself violates St. Paul laws.

He could be hit with a fine as a result.

It's been a particularly bad year for potholes across Minnesota, owing to the combination of a series of deep freezes broken up by partial thaws over the winter.

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