St. Paul nurse describes her battle with COVID-19 in viral Facebook post

'It hit me like a ton of bricks,' she said.
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A registered nurse in St. Paul has gone viral with her Facebook post describing her experience with a case of COVID-19.

Sarah Moore last week posted a timeline of how her symptoms progressed, with her condition eventually confirmed as being the coronavirus last Thursday, Mar. 27.

The diagnosis came after she spent more than a week battling the virus, which started off fairly benign but then hit her "like a ton of bricks."

While she didn't require hospitalization, the experience she had shows that even a supposedly "mild" case of COVID-19 can be a traumatic experience, and Moore says she's sharing her symptoms because she wants to show that "young healthy people are also at risk for this."

"I had no known exposure to anyone at work or outside of work," she said. "Wash your hands, take social distancing seriously, if you don't live with them, don't visit them. Each person can play a vital role in slowing the devastating impact of this virus."

"Please share to get the word out. This is serious," she wrote. Her post has since been shared 22,000 times.

'I literally thought I could die'

She started on Wednesday, Mar. 18 with a "very mild cough and scratchy throat," and despite a call to occupational health she was told to report to work the next day.

Two days of no symptoms followed but then on Saturday, Mar. 21 she lost her sense of smell and taste – a symptom that has been reported by a number of other COVID-19 sufferers.

It was Sunday, Mar. 22 when it "hit me like a ton of bricks."

"Fever, chills, body aches, headache, loss of smell and taste, cough and sore throat," she said, and then the next day she couldn't get out of bed.

It was at this point she was quarantined by occupational health until she culd get tested, with the fever and chills, along with "severe severe body aches" continuing.

She was Tuesday, Mar. 24 she got tested, saying: "I could barely get in the truck. I literally thought I could die. Same symptoms as Monday. The test was done in the passenger side of my truck as I didn't even have the energy to drive there ... it made my eyes gush tears and cough my brains out (or so it felt like)."

A day later she was crying "in a cold shower because I can't get my fever down." She wasn't able to control her fever with Tylenol until Sunday, Mar. 29 – two days after she got the call from Allina Health that she had tested positive.

"The body aches are not as extreme, however, the fatigue is worse," she wrote. "I am very weak. The headache persists. Cough and tightness in my lungs are still there."

Her last update on Monday says she had similar symptoms as Sunday, but she was "able to walk out into the back yard and stand in the sun for a little bit."

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