St. Paul police searching for suspect in assault, robbery of 77-year-old man

A teenage suspect was caught on video assaulting and robbing the man.
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Police in St. Paul are investigating an assault and robbery of a 77-year-old man. 

The incident happened just after 5 p.m. at 1008 Farrington Street in St. Paul on Monday when a suspect wearing an orange hoodie and orange shoes snuck up on a 77-year-old man while he was on the phone and the grabbed his wallet. 

The victim, identified as Kenneth Tobin, tried to fight back but the suspect pulled him to the ground.

WCCO reported that Tobin busted his head open when he fell, leaving a splattering of blood on the concrete driveway. 

The suspect, believed to be a teenage male, then fled the scene on a scooter. 

St. Paul police initially shared video of the incident, but have since stopped after receiving a flood of tips and information from the public.

It's no longer making the video available, it says, "due to the status of the investigation."

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