Standoff in Minnesota town after man smashes bar window with axe

Police managed to de-escalate the situation with no further harm done.
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An axe-wielding man sparked a standoff in central Minnesota on Tuesday after using the weapon to smash a window at a local bar.

The drama unfolded in Regal, Kandiyohi County, where a 35-year-old man used the axe to break the window at the Just Down The Road bar along Hwy. 55.

There were several people inside the bar eating lunch at the time, with the man fleeing the scene before police arrived.

They caught up with him a short time later though at his house, with several law enforcement agencies setting up a perimeter outside it.

Communicating with the man using a PA system, they were able to talk the man down and the incident ended with no injuries.

The suspect was however taken to the local emergency room for evaluation.

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