Bigfoot stars in Dean Phillips' attack ad against Erik Paulsen

The ad was released on Tuesday morning, and is already getting national attention.
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Now we at Bring Me The News generally have a policy of not reporting on campaign ad season, because lord knows it's irritating enough when they appear on our TVs without us adding to it.

That said, this one from 3rd Congressional District candidate Dean Phillips caught our eye on Tuesday morning and we can't help but flag it up, because as of the time of writing it's on the cusp of going viral.

For context, Phillips is the DFL candidate running against Erik Paulsen in the 3rd District this November, and he has been hitting his GOP opponent hard on his lack of public appearances and Town Halls during his tenure at a representative.

To that end, his campaign ad is told from the perspective of Bigfoot, who in an interview wonders if Erik Paulsen really exists, before staking out a "big pharma" office to track him down.

He then gets out a camera, only to get some blurred footage of a man resembling Paulsen walking through the lobby.

Now whatever your politics, you can't deny that it's a striking video and a unique idea, and it's already been retweeted 450 times from Phillips' account as it is as of 12:35 p.m.

Among those commenting is historian and author Kevin Kruse, who had this to say.

Rep. Paulsen hasn't yet responded to the ad, but in the interests of balance, here's an ad supporting the 3rd District lawmaker posted by U.S. Chamber Action.

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