State Fair health booth will focus on importance of vaccinations

The Minnesota Department of Health is making a point after recent measles outbreaks.
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You can find the health booth in the Education Building on Cosgrove St.

You can find the health booth in the Education Building on Cosgrove St.

Following last year's biggest measles outbreak seen in Minnesota for 30 years, health officials have an important message at this year's State Fair.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MHD) will highlight the importance of vaccinations at its booth in the Education Building (Cosgrove St.) when the Great Minnesota Get-Together starts Thursday.

It comes after a serious outbreak of measles in Minnesota last year, that saw 75 people infected over a four month period.

The disease was allowed to spread partly because 91 percent of those who contracted it had not been vaccinated.

At the State Fair, the MDH booth will seek to highlight the fact that people need vaccines throughout their lives, both to protect themselves from dangerous diseases as well as to protect those who can't get vaccinated.

That can include babies that are too young to have certain vaccines, and those with weakened immune systems due to illnesses or treatments like chemotherapy.

The booth will feature a series of games and interactive displays developed in partnership with the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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Adults will be able to take an assessment that shows them a list of vaccines they may need, and tells you how to find out your vaccination status.

"Our need for vaccines never ends. They are an important part of staying healthy from birth through older adulthood," said Kristen Ehresmann, infectious disease director for MDH.

"We hope the booth will show people how vaccines work to help protect you, your family and your community from deadly disease."

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