Video: 4th-grade girl narrowly missed by car that ignored flashing lights, stop arm on school bus

The video, from January, shows the car swerving to miss the girl.
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The Minnesota State Patrol on Thursday released frightening video that serves as another reminder to pay attention and know the law around school buses. 

"The dangers are real," the State Patrol said, paving the way to a video that shows a fourth-grade girl walking across the road to get on a bus headed to Zumbrota-Mazeoppa Elementary School in January. 

The video shows the bus come to a stop, extend its stop-arm and activate its flashing lights. As the girl begins cross the road, a car speeds towards her, failing to stop and narrowly missing girl by swerving onto the shoulder at the last second. 

The release of the footage comes in the same month an 11-year-old girl was critically injured after being hit by a vehicle in north Minneapolis as she exited a school bus.

As a reminder, the Minnesota State Patrol notes that: 

  • Drivers must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus that has red lights flashing and a stop-arm extended. 
  • Drivers should slow down, pay attention and anticipate children around buses, especially in neighborhoods and school zones. 
  • Don't drive distracted. Pay attention to your surroundings on the road. 

"Drivers can face criminal charges for passing a school bus on the right, passing when a child is outside the bus, or injuring or killing a child," the State Patrol says. 

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