State troopers remove KARE 11 crew from anti-mask protest at Capitol

There was also a Black Lives Matter demonstration.
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Two opposing groups of protesters found themselves at odds at the Minnesota State Capitol this weekend, leading to a scene rife with political tensions. 

One group was rallying against the state's mask mandate, while the other were Black Lives Matter demonstrators; both converged on the Capitol grounds at the same time on Saturday.

While the rallies were separate events, the two eventually found themselves in a standoff, with protesters shouting at each other and trading insults (WARNING: Video below contains some offensive language): 

Local news media also got caught up in the strife. The anti-mask protesters turned their attention on a KARE 11 crew, confronting them about their presence at the event and accusing them of being "fake news."

The heated display ended when state troopers showed up to escort the reporters away, to the cheers of the demonstrators:

In a subsequent tweet, KARE 11 reporter Boyd Huppert defended the crew's right to be there: 

"The first amendment protects us all. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press. On the grounds of the state capitol, they were exercising theirs, we were exercising ours.

Confrontations did not completely define the day, however. There were also displays of unity, a musical tribute, and from one anti-mask demonstrator, a message of love:

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