Storm rips through Grove City in rural Minnesota

Trees were uprooted, a building was destroyed and more.
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A line of strong storms producing damaging winds ripped through central Minnesota – about 80 miles west of Minneapolis – on Friday evening. 

Among the areas hardest hit was the small town of Grove City, which is located along Hwy. 12 in Meeker County. Photos from the south side of the town of 600 people show trees down, a trampoline flipped, a boat upside down and a building destroyed. 

We've also received unconfirmed reports of turkey barn roofs peeling off near Atwater, which is five miles west of Grove City. 

Storm chaser Michael Marz was on the west side of Grove City when he captured video of the swirling clouds and strong winds. 

It's not yet clear if the damage was caused by straight-line winds or a small tornado, but the cell that went through did have a radar indicated tornado warning associated with it. 

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