Struggle to search rubble for possible body in burned down Lake Street liquor store

The liquor store is across the street from an AutoZone that was also destroyed by fire.
Minnehaha Liquors

Across the street from the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct is the crumbled, burned remains of Minnehaha Liquors, which has proved extremely difficult to search for the body of a person who may have been trapped inside when it collapsed during last week's riots. 

"We initially searched the structure this past Friday when we received a report that someone may be in there and found nothing," Minneapolis Fire Department Assistant Chief Bryan Tyner said in an email to BMTN Wednesday. 

"After receiving more reports yesterday, we attempted a second search but due to the condition of the building, we were unable to conduct a thorough search of the structure."

The store was burned to the ground during the second night of rioting and third day of protests in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man who died after former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin held him on the ground with his knee pressed against his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. 

According to the Star Tribune, the liquor store collapsed around midnight May 30. Bystanders, believing a person was trapped inside, made attempts to rescue the person but were pushed back by flames. 

The identity of the person who may have been trapped has not released. 

Minnehaha Liquors is one of dozens of stores completely destroyed by fires since last week. 

While caution tape still surrounds the rubble, it remains easily accessible to anyone walking through the area of Lake Street and Minnehaha Ave., as are the many other businesses along Lake St. that are charred from fire or boarded up due to do windows and doors being shattered. 

There is a GoFundMe campaign that has so far raised close to $10,000 to help employees of the liquor store who are not out of work. 

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