Student made possible threats to Hopkins High School over weekend

The school says police addressed the matter with the student.
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Hopkins High School was the subject of possible threats by one of its students over the weekend.

In an email to parents, principal Doug Bullinger said Minnetonka police had made him aware of the situation in the early hours of Monday morning.

"Police notified us that a number of calls were coming into their office late this past evening regarding a social media message and possible threats to the school," he wrote.

"They informed us that the matter was addressed with the student who made the statements, and that any possible threat from this student has been addressed."

The details of the social media message and threats relating to the school have not been revealed.

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School is going ahead as normal on Monday, though Bullinger has said he'll be informing school counselors, mental health providers and the administrative team to be prepared to respond "to any increased needs we see this morning and throughout the day."

"This is a matter we take very seriously, and we are thankful for their involvement and support when any issues arise," he wrote.

"We also know that when there is any real or perceived issue with school violence, it can be disrupting for students and families."

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