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Sun Country will start charging you to put bags in the overhead bins

The airline announced new baggage prices – and they may make you mad.

Sun Country is changing how much it'll charge you for your luggage. 

The Minnesota-based airline on Monday announced its new "bundle & go" baggage pricing, which is either great news or annoying depending on how you like to travel. 

There will be three options to choose from when you book a coach ticket on or after Oct. 25 (it applies for trips that begin on or after Jan. 19), and they're meant to reward people who check their bags. 

"Over time, we noticed that our boarding process had consistently slowed due to an influx of carry-on baggage," Sun County said in a statement, adding that "bundle & go" will help speed up the boarding and deplaning process because fewer people will be trying to store and retrieve their bags. 

Here's a look the three options, and what you'll get with each. 

If you want to bring a carry-on

If your go-to way to travel is bringing a carry-on bag and putting it in the overhead bin, you'll be paying the most.

This is the "store & go" option, and it'll cost you $30 each way if you're flying in the continental U.S. and $35 if you're traveling anywhere else.

With this option, you'll get to make your seat selection purchase in advance (and for cheaper) or choose from the available seats at the airport check-in counter for no extra charge.

You'll also get priority boarding, after first class and UFly Rewards ELITEmembers. 

But make sure to buy this option early. The price goes up to $40 if you wait until you get to the airport to choose the "store & go" option.

Choosing this option – or flying first class – is the only way you'll be able to bring a carry-on bag and put it in the overhead bin. Otherwise, you're only allowed a personal item that can fit under the seat in front of you. 

Checking your bag

If you like to check your bag, there's the "check & go" option. 

It'll cost you $20 each way to check your bag if you're flying in the lower 48 states ($25 everywhere else). 

With this option, you'll get to make your seat selection purchase in advance (and for cheaper) or choose from the available seats at the airport check-in counter for no extra charge.

You'll also get preferred boarding, so you'll be able to board after the "store & go" travelers. 

However, if you don't pre-purchase the "check & go" option, the price goes up to $25 when you buy it at the airport. 

All additional checked bags will be $25. (Currently, Sun Country charges $25 for your first checked bag, and $35 for the second.)

Traveling light

This is the cheapest option, but probably doesn't apply to anyone traveling for longer than a weekend. 

If you're flying with just a personal item like a purse or backpack, you can choose the "grab & go" option. 

It's free, but whatever you bring on board the plane will have to fit under the seat in front of you.

You also won't get "special seat pricing" or priority boarding. 

Ufly members, vacation packages are cheaper

These prices don't apply if you're flying first class, if you're a Ufly Rewards member with a Sun Country credit card, or if you bought a vacation package. 

Here's how much it'll cost if these situations apply to you: 

If you're flying first class, you'll be allowed a personal item, carry-on, two check bags, free "special seat pricing" and priority boarding at no extra charge. 

People really like bringing carry-ons

When airlines started charging people to check their bags, many people started only packing in suitcases that could fit in an overhead bin to avoid the extra charge. 

The rise in popularity of people shoving their roller bags into the overhead bins has been blamed for flight delays, which can cost the airline money.

It's one reason why some low-budget airlines have started charging people more for their carry-on bags. Meanwhile, major airlines like American and United have started offering basic-economy tickets, which bans those passengers from bringing carry-ons

Plus, baggage fees are a pretty big money maker for airlines. In 2015, the fees generated more than $3.8 billion in revenue for U.S. carriers, Quartz reported

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