Survey: Healthcare, climate change are the top issues for Minnesota voters

But Democrats and Republicans continue to have different priorities.
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Minnesota voters heading to the polls for the presidential election in 2020 are likely to have healthcare and climate change towards the top of their agendas.

That's according to a survey from the Blue Wall Voices Project, a collaboration between the Cook Political Report and Kaiser Family Foundation, which looks at the voting views of residents in the former Democratic strongholds known as the "Blue Wall" states of Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

One of the standout findings of the survey is the priorities identified by Minnesotans ahead of the vote, with healthcare being ranked by 20 percent as the "most important" issue ahead of the 2020 elections.

In second place, with 17 percent, was climate change, with Minnesota the only state out of the four where climate change is ranked ahead of "the economy," which placed third on 16 percent.

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Gun policy and immigration ranked joint-fourth on 11 percent respectively, though the "gun policy" finding isn't necessarily about gun control, given that Republicans were most likely to rank gun policy higher on their list of priorities.

Across the four states, Democrats rank healthcare (27 percent) and climate change (25 percent) as their top issues in the presidential vote, while Republicans choose economy (30 percent) and gun policy/immigration (both 15 percent).

Climate change is a priority for just 3 percent of Republicans.

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When it comes to voting motivation, Republicans don't fare as well in the other three states, but there are positive signs in Minnesota.

Minnesota is the only state where Republicans are "more motivated" to vote in the 2020 elections than they were in the 2016 elections.

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Some 59 percent of Republican voters said they were more motivated to vote last time out, compared to 57 percent of Democrats. Minnesota is the only state out of the four where Republicans are more motivated.

Considering President Trump only lost Minnesota by 1.5 percent to Hillary Clinton, this could give the party a boost ahead of the 2020 vote.

As for what's motivating voters, 39 percent of Blue Wall Democrats say "defeating President Trump" is their main motivator, while only 21 percent of GOP voters said "reelecting President Trump/not wanting a Democrat" was what is driving them.

Defeating President Trump is also a top motivator for one-fifth of independents as well.

And as Democratic candidates argue over their respective healthcare plans, the Medicare-for-All proposals championed by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren isn't seen as a big priority compared to protecting pre-existing conditions and lowering drug costs.

That said, Warren continues to be the front-runner in the Blue Wall states alongside Joe Biden, the survey found.

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The results were based upon the survey of 3,222 voters in the four states, of which 958 were in Minnesota.

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