Suspect shot by St. Paul homeowner after fleeing police in stolen car

The suspect was found in the homeowner's yard.
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A suspect who fled police in stolen car Tuesday morning was shot by an Eastside St. Paul homeowner. 

According to St. Paul police, the suspected driver of a fleeing car was found with gunshot wounds in a yard along with the homeowner, shortly after the stolen vehicle had crashed at Payne Avenue and Jenks Avenue.

The pursuit started when officers spotted the stolen car around 10 a.m. near Forest Street and Case Avenue. The driver of the vehicle – which had multiple people inside – fled when officers attempted to pull him over. 

The pursuit went through alleyways and side streets in the surrounding neighborhood, with officers losing sight of it due to the driver maneuvering "recklessly" at a high rate of speed. 

A short time later, officers were alerted to a two-vehicle crash at Payne and Jenks, with witnesses telling police that multiple suspects fled from the stolen car.

Responding officers set up a perimeter in the nearby neighborhood and they were doing so, they heard multiple gunshots and tracked the sound to house in the 600 block of Cook Ave.

It was there that they found the driver of the car on the ground in a yard with multiple gunshot wounds. 

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Standing near the suspect was a homeowner with a gun, who is cooperating with police as investigators try to determine the circumstances that led to the shooting. 

It's not clear if the suspect attempted to enter the homeowner's residence, but the Star Tribune's Paul Walsh tweeted a photo of a poster in the person's window that warned that trespassers would be shot. 

The gunshot victim, who was wanted by St. Paul PD on a separate auto theft investigation, was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

The other suspects have not been located and it's unclear if anyone in the non-suspect vehicle involved in the crash was injured. 

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