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Target workers won't return to downtown HQ until at least June

What's more, the offices will likely have fewer workers on site even when they do return.

Target has informed its Minneapolis headquarters workers they will not be returning to the company's downtown office until June at the earliest.

The memo to staff from Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Kremer was sent last week, and provides another indication that some of the country's largest employers don't see the COVID-19 situation improving anytime soon.

Target joined companies across the country in implementing work-from-home procedures when the virus began to spread in Minnesota this past spring, and Kremer says that all staff who are working virtually "will continue to do so" through June.

What's more, Target expects the virus will cause long-term changes to the way companies do business, saying that even when workers are allowed back to the HQ office, virtual working will play a greater role going forward.

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"Importantly, our headquarters planning is not just about a date when we’ll return to our buildings," Kremer wrote. "Like many others, we’re taking this time to reimagine the future role of the office and where and how work gets done.

"As we look to the future, our headquarters environment will include a hybrid model of remote and on-site work. This will allow for the flexibility many of you have come to value, while also providing opportunity for the in-person connection and collaboration that’s central to our team and culture. Our intent is to blend the best of both work environments."

Target is the biggest employer in Minneapolis, with Twin Cities Business Magazine estimating that at the end of 2018, it employed 8,300 people in the city.

Target's plan to continue virtual working until at least the summer will come as another blow to downtown's office economy, which also employs many thousands of people and has been devastated by the pandemic.

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