Teen arrested after threatening shooting at Burnsville High School

The teen allegedly commented on an Instagram post saying "I'm sending shooter buddy."
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A 14-year-old student was arrested Wednesday morning after threatening a shooting at Burnsville High School. 

Burnsville Police Department says it was made aware of a threatening Instagram post from the teenager, then tracked him down and arresting him without incident.  

Students are not in danger, police say, but there is an extra police presence at the school as a precaution. 

The Instagram message made it way across social media and one person tweeted a screen shot of it, which shows someone write: "I'm sending shooter buddy." 

"At this time, I want to remind parents and students that there are serious consequences for posting threatening messages on social media or other platforms, even if the student thinks they are 'just joking,'" Burnsville Principal Dave Helke wrote in a letter to parents." 

"We take any potential threat seriously and will follow our student behavior policies and procedures to ensure student safety."

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