Teen birth rate continues to plummet in Hennepin County

There were 339 teen births in Hennepin County in 2018.
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The trend of fewer teens becoming parents in Hennepin County continues with new data from the county showing the teen birth rate decreased by 21 percent from 2018 to 2019. 

Overall, the teen birth rate – for ages 15-19 – in Hennepin County has dropped by 65 percent since 2009. By the numbers, 339 teens gave birth in 2008 compared to 1,170 teens giving birth in 2007. 

The county credits the drop to a pregnancy prevention initiative, the Better Together Hennepin program, that launched in 2006 and helps educate teens about abstinence, safe sex, educational information about their bodies and sexual health information, and adults providing guidance when needed. 

"Preventing teen pregnancies is a very high priority for Hennepin County, and our work has been strikingly successful,” said Hennepin County Board Member Mike Opat in a release. “We all know that teens are not ready to become parents. This progress is the best kind of prevention work we do in county government.”

According to MPR News, the Better Together Hennepin initiative is due to run out of grant money in June 2020, but efforts are being made to fund the program for the future. 

Here's more information from for Minnesota-wide teen births (ages 15-19) from 199-2016, courtesy of University of Minnesota Pediatrics

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