Teen charged in St. Paul killing has bullet lodged in head

He shot himself after being chased by police.
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The 18-year-old man charged with murdering another man at a St. Paul gas station has a bullet lodged in his head after shooting himself while fleeing police.

Second-degree murder charges have been filed against Kyuntay Deshawn Prowell, of Upton Avenue North, Minneapolis, over the killing of 20-year-old Aaron Delaney on Tuesday evening.

The shooting happened at a Holiday gas station at 1444 Minnehaha Ave. E. around 8:45 p.m., which followed an argument between Haywood and a friend of Prowell's.

Prowell then got out of his friend's car and started arguing with Delaney, with a number of women from both parties trying to stop the men from quarreling.

Prowell then started following Delaney around the parking lot, and as Delaney tried to open the rear passenger door, Prowell ran at him with a silver gun in his right hand.

Delaney retreated but Prowell followed and shot four times, with three bullets striking Delaney, who was taken to hospital in a private vehicle where he later died.

Police responding to the shooting got a description of Prowell from the gas station's surveillance video and saw him a short time later walking near 1411 6th Street East.

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The teenager then started running, with officers giving chase only to hear a gunshot from around the back of a house.

Prowell then came out bleeding from his face having been shot beneath the chin. It's not clear if he did it accidentally or deliberately. 

The charges say that the bullet is still lodged in Prowell's head.

He has been charged with second-degree murder with intent in Ramsey County. Prowell has previous felony convictions for terroristic threats – in which he pointed a gun at his grandmother and aunt – and fleeing police in a motor vehicle.

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