Teen charged with killing Florida man outside Red Wing gas station

The 19-year-old was arrested at a hotel in Woodbury.
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Michael Reyes

A teenager is facing murder charges over the shooting of a Florida man in Red Wing last week.

D'Andre Shawn Hicks, 28, of Tampa, died on Wednesday after being taken off of life support. He had been shot in the head near a gas station on the 700 block of Plum Street on Tuesday.

Witnesses had seen the alleged shooter, later identified as 19-year-old Michael Antonio Reyes, of Red Wing, who fled the scene after opening fire.

Red Wing police caught up with him and arrested him a day later at the Key Inn Hotel in Woodbury, the police department announced on Wednesday.

According to a criminal complaint, Reyes had argued with Hicks' brother earlier on June 25, and because Hicks was wearing the same shirt that his brother was wearing earlier, it's possible that Reyes had mistaken the victim for his brother.

Hicks was with his half-brother when they were confronted by Reyes outside the gas station. Reyes pulled up his shirt to show a semi-automatic handgun.

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After Reyes initially told the half-brother he wanted to talk, Hicks began walking towards the pair, at which point Reyes pulled the gun out and started firing while walking towards Hicks.

Hicks was taken to the Mayo Clinic Red Wing before being airlifted to a trauma center, where he died a day later.

Reyes has been charged with 2nd-degree murder with intent, 2nd-degree murder without intent, 3rd-degree murder, and assault and weapons charges.

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