Teens charged over violent attacks on Metro Transit light rail train

Four juveniles have been arrested over two separate assaults.

A group of teenagers have been arrested and charged in connection with a violent incident on a light rail train in the Twin Cities.

Metro Transit police announced Tuesday that four 16- and 17-year-old boys are facing charges over the assaults carried out on the night of Wednesday, Dec. 4.

They're also believed to have been responsible for the assault of a TSA agent on a Blue Line light rail train in Minneapolis in late November, per the Star Tribune.

The boys were identified using surveillance video and arrested, with two others involved in the attack having also been identified by police.

In the Dec. 4 incident, the group boarded the westbound Green Line train at Hamline Avenue Station at 9 p.m., and were observed by passengers to be yelling and shouting profanities.

At one point, they surrounded a man standing in the aisle, with one of them punching and kicking him repeatedly, with two others then joining in the assault, which included stomping on the victim multiple times and kicking him in the head while on the ground.

Other passengers objected to the attack, telling the teens to stop, with the group then punching one of the bystanders while another stole the bystander's cellphone.

They tried to steal his bike too, but were unsuccessful as they left the train at the Snelling Avenue station, per charges filed in juvenile court.

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Shortly after, another man said he was punched as he left the Culver's restaurant on University, which is near the Snelling Avenue station.

Three of the boys were arrested as they left the Culver's.

The boys have not been identified in the charges due to their ages, but have been charged with crimes including aggravated robbery and assault inflicting bodily harm.

Metro Transit are also keen to hear from anyone else who may be victims of the teens.

KARE 11 notes there has been a 19 percent jump in violent crime on Blue Line trains this year, and 34 percent on the Green Line.

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